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The majority of my works are figurative oil paintings. Instead of a chromatic painting style, my paintings are mostly tonal with grayish and subtle color. I also tend to leave evidence of mark making to either flatten or enhance the volume in the way I admire.


My main concern in paintings is construction. I build up my pictorial structures by searching the best way to move through space and move across the surface of the flat picture plane at the same time. I also emphasize unity through repetition of rectangles and overlaps. 


The figure I paint the most is actually myself. Because I love my body and the way how it is interacting with the surrounding, my own figure and the surrounding, which might be easels, frames of mirrors or a piece of clothing, continuously appear in my paintings to divide the pictorial plane.


Currently, instead of painting a standard portrait, I use mirrors to construct a distorted space and to place myself into an odd perspective. Before I start painting, I spend lots of time in combining the figure and space to create a harmonious and disorienting look. I'm not the emphasis of the painting, but serve as the part of the composition and interact with the rectangular space. I appreciate how an ordinary space can become much more interesting and attracting when I look at it through a mirror. Therefore, I hope my works would encourage people to capture inspiring moments in their lives from more novel perspectives.

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